$100 MILLION!!

$100,000,000.  One Hundred Million Dollars.  Since our inception in 2001, our firm has helped identify and recover over 100 MILLION Dollars for our dealers and their customers.  That number is staggering for several reasons:  1) That’s simply a lot–no– A LOT of money.  100 MILLION dollars of incentives that dealers originally didn’t claim for themselves and/or their customers.  2)  Dealership personnel are typically very good at their job–but the manufacturers are better at making programs and rules very difficult.  Unfortunately for dealers and extremely unfortunately for customers, the manufacturers are keeping HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars that belong to hard working dealers and hard working Americans–they are keeping these advertised monies for themselves.  3)  We work with a percentage of dealers–not every dealer.  If we extrapolated this number over the total dealerships, we could without hesitation say that the manufacturers are keeping BILLIONS–BILLIONS of incentive dollars that don’t belong to them.

Management rule 101 that was given by my first General Manager was, “Inspect what you Expect”.  You expect that your team is perfect–or close to it.  You expect that they are utilizing every available incentive possible.  Our research–our 16 year history–proves otherwise.  Very few dealership teams are perfect.  Good?–Yes.  Some absolutely Great?–Yes.  Perfect?–less than 1 in every 550 reviews done over 16 years.  When is the last time that you had an independent, third party INSPECT what you EXPECT?

How much of that $100 MILLION belonged to you?