The short answer is NO.

The longer answer :  After decades of training dealerships that all dealer cash is just that–monies that belong to the dealership–the manufacturer has changed some of the rules on some of the dealer cash.  Read carefully–SOME of the dealer cash programs ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, 100% belong to the dealer.  So, some of the dealer cash programs work they way they have for decades.  The program is titled Dealer Cash, and the money belongs to the dealer.

BUT, SOME of the newest dealer cash programs have strings attached. There are contingencies, which mean that the dealer has to do something, jump through some hoop, complete some requirement to be able to keep this special dealer cash.  This special dealer cash doesn’t automatically mean you can keep it forever.

Why is this third party expert on manufacturer’s incentives being the one to explain this to dealers?  Simple–the CHARGEBACKS have commenced with recent GAO activity and the auditing of these sneaky dealer cash programs.  The manufacturer has begun taking back your dealer cash and it just isn’t right.

If you aren’t 100% positive on which DEALER CASH programs have strings attached, just ask–we’ll be happy to identify them for you–at no charge.  We just want to make sure that you can keep all the DEALER CASH and not have to give back tens of thousands–maybe hundreds of thousands–back to the manufacturer.  Call us at 1-765-534-4779 or email us today using the Contact us form.

Signed–True Friend of Dealers