For 15 years, Dewitt and Lane has been known as the experts in the field of automotive C&I.  For the first decade, we were primarily known as the “rebate experts”.  We still are, but, we are much more than just an incentive recovery firm.

Over the past several years, as dealers became more concerned with compliance, and specifically, the potential financial exposure that they might have with the manufacturer, Dewitt and Lane responded with a new arm of COMPLIANCE CONSULITING.

We are here to provide the level of compliance servicing that you want–some dealers want an annual, sample compliance, others either are engaged on a semi- or quarterly-basis where we review every deal for compliance.  Either way, rule 101 of business is INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT.

While most dealerships try extremely hard to do the right thing, the manufacturer has made compliance a very difficult goal–by constantly changing rules and programs.  It is no wonder that there hasn’t been one, single compliance review done in the past 5 years where the dealer had ZERO exposure.

The manufacturer (General Auditors Office) has levied penalties of 6 digits–don’t let the next victim be you–let us help you stay compliant and be able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that the next $1,000,000 check going to the manufacturer isn’t coming from you.