•  Einstein was credited with this statement, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

You have your statement, now what?  Head to Disney because it was the best month your dealership has ever had?  Call a Managers Meeting and scream because it was one of the worst the dealership has ever suffered?  For most dealers–neither.  The statement and your dealership are both simply  status quo.  Not the worst, not the best.  Things are going ok, problems are minimal, we didn’t lose money so we’ll just keep doing the same thing. 

This is exactly what most dealers are doing–the same thing over and over.  Don’t fall into the trap of contentment and mediocrity, do something different–you have plenty of time to make a difference for next month’s statement. 

With regards to C&I, here are a few thought starters:

  • Look at your factory Metrics Report.  Look for one incentive that other dealers in your zone have used better than your team has.  Make sure that your managers and salespersons are trained with the rules of the program, show them how this one incentive might be the reason they lost the last deal to a fellow dealership.
  • Do a sample Plan audit.  Look closely at the documentation on DPLAN and XPP deals. Make sure you aren’t missing documentation that could be problematic in an audit. Being completely compliant and keeping your money is just as important as making it.
  • Check your FCTP documentation and incentives.  Weekly–WEEKLY–we are identifying FCTP monies that dealerships aren’t claiming.  It is the proverbial “I got it, you take it”.  Some dealers assume that someone else in the dealership is bringing in the money, others think that it is automatically paid.  It is YOUR money–make sure you get it.
  • Certificates.  We implemented two different certificate programs for dealers which have resulted in additional gross on sales as well as confirmed, new sales that they would have never made.  If you would like to know what these two programs are, just ask–we’ll pass along the information at no cost to you.