The General Auditor’s Office has begun to audit the FCTP program with intensity and with strict adherence to the Program Rules. Just like the documentation requirements on other programs (Plan deals/Upfits), the FCTP has a unique set of rules and documentation that must be followed and the lack of compliance is presenting massive charge back exposure to dealers who are not documenting the proper usage of their fleet.

Usage of FCTP vehicles–There are only three approved usages for these vehicles.

Unapproved Usage of FCTP vehicles–Any other use not on the short, approved list including:
· Employee personal use of vehicle–including using to attend training
· Any customer use that exceeds the timelines of 30 days or 96 hours.
· Service Shuttle or Parts Delivery

Mandatory Use of FCTP Authorized Rental Forms–The FCTP forms are available by state. Dealerships must utilize the Ford forms. Insurance is one of the key reasons that the Ford form be used. This form must be used to document all miles put on the FCTP vehicle.
The rental form is valid for a service customer for up to 30 days and a extended test drive for up to 96 hours. If a service customer exceeds 30 days, a new form is required. There is no provision for an extended test drive lasting longer than 96 hours.


INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT--The Courtesy Transportation Program is the newest “cash cow” for the manufacturer and the General Auditor’s Office.  The Program Rules are not suggestions.  Failure to document your complete compliance can be a financial disaster.

Call the experts–we can help your team get and stay in compliance and mitigate your exposure today.