Happy Anniversary…..

……to us! 

Dewitt & Lane began 17 years ago this month in November 2001.  Over those 17 years, we have helped our dealers recover over $100 MILLION DOLLARS for them and their customers.  We prevented HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in potential charge backs by proactively advocating Compliance and Process.  Additionally, we have helped dealers challenge and fight erroneous charge backs by the manufacturer’s audit department–again, in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.

To celebrate our anniversary, our gift to you is a FREE, NO OBLIGATION review of your incentive usage and compliance.  When you hear horror stories of manufacturer’s audits exceeding $250,000, $500,000, and yes, even $1 Million dollars, why not invest 15 minutes of your time on the phone to identify potential red flag areas, and possible areas of financial exposure?

Did we mention this is a FREE review?!

Happy Anniversary to US.