QUIZ–How Well Do You Know The Manufacturer’s Rules?


Knowing the Manufacturer’s Rules


  1. T/F On DPlan deals, dealers have the option to pass along an extra discount, over and beyond the Dplan price when selling a vehicle to their own employee so long as it doesn’t exceed the actual Dplan commission.
  2. T/F On an out of service FCTP unit, the dealership realizes of the 2656 miles on the car, they only have Rental Invoices that cover 2190 of the miles.  Is this a usage/mileage violation? The dealer should voluntarily reverse all FCTP monies.
  3. T/F Dealership runs a “Oil Change for Life” promotion where all customers who purchase a vehicle get Free Oil Changes for as long as they own their vehicle.  Since all customers are being given the promotional oil changes, it is permissible for Plan customers to participate in this special program.
  4. T/F My state mandates that all customers be charged the same for the doc fee.  The state doesn’t stipulate a specific dollar amount, but requires all customers pay the same doc fee.  This takes precedence over the doc fees per Plan rules on Plan customers.
  5. T/F If a Direct Offer shows available in Smart Vincent but has a “$0”–ZERO benefit, there is no financial reason to claim it.


  1. False. Dealers cannot offer a discount over the discounted price as per the Plan price on the invoice.  Passing along additional discounts even to your own employee is a violation of Plan Rules.
  2. False. Dealers only are required to be able to document 80% of the total miles.  In this case, more than 80% were documented.
  3. False. Any offer that has a value that exceeds $50 is a violation–Plan customers cannot be given the FREE OIL CHANGES FOR LIFE.
  4. False. All states have the same stance with regards to doc fees.  Ford addresses this in the Plan Rules and the “balance of the doc fees have been paid as part of the AXZDF Plan Program dealer reimbursement”
  5. False. Most Direct Offers which show $0 in the benefit portion of the certificate are typically good for real monies–some as high as $2000.  Please check it, please click it in Smart Vincent to verify compatibility and to see the real dollar benefit.

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