Dateline: February 2016…The prophecy of almost a decade has finally come to fruition—the permanent demise of Vincent and most of the functionality of CONCEPS has actually happened.  The manufacturer in its infinite wisdom decided to make changes that would prevent dealers like you from getting assistance in the field of C&I from vendors like, well, us.  According to one dealer, each and every time that he has attended a meeting with a new launch of technology, or changes with the manufacturer’s system, the manufacturer has always given a reason for their “upgrade” such as, “this will help you sell more cars, this will save you more time, and this will make the process simpler”.  This time, he was told that “our current system is too easy for people to go back in and make changes and make additional claims—this will stop that.”

Kudos to the manufacturer—they spent a decade and millions of dollars to roll out a system to “HELP” you the dealers. The Smart Vincent system is supposed to be a no-brainer, but clearly since its inception, it has lulled dealers into a false sense of security—it does not—it DOES NOT—guarantee that all incentives that a dealer could and should use will actually get utilized.  Dealers—that is called UNDER UTILIZATION—and it not only cost you the dealer gross, but it costs you sales.  Period.  (See the article on UNDER UTILIZATION further down on our page.)

Furthermore, with the demise of Vincent, they killed other functionality and replaced it with brand new technology that requires ADDITIONAL time and energy from you the dealers. Look at the ordering of vehicles—can you find the library of templates that you used to use?  Look at the Accounting functions—you can still get the information that you need, but it requires jumping through many additional hoops.  It is amazing that instead of focusing on how to make the many, various tasks that you the dealer must do—instead of trying to help you save time, be more efficient with your time, and most importantly, sell more of THEIR vehicles, they have simply done what they wanted to do to try to remove a very small subset of what they perceive to be a problem.

Here is the good news, despite the death of the black screen—Vincent—despite their efforts to make you jump through more hoops—despite their complete failure to simplify the job of identifying and utilizing all incentive dollars that they offer—despite all of that—you will continue to move their vehicles and we will continue to assist you in doing a better job of that.

Dewitt and Lane is still in the field, we are still the C&I Consultants who can help make sure that you don’t leave gross on the table, don’t miss sales, and most importantly, help you get and stay compliant. We are you the dealer’s friend.  With the myriad of rules and exceptions and ever changing clarifications, your team unfortunately has a difficult time understanding that they are missing the mark. As one dealer described it, “Dewitt and Lane is the best value and least expensive insurance policy that he has. “

We look forward to helping you do the right thing—and do it consistently.