Manufacturer’s Sales Audit

If you have already received your audit letter, or, if the manufacturer has already come in and found items that they have charged back, or, are trying to charge back, it’s still not too late.



  1. Are the Manufacturer’s Auditors’ findings always perfect?  NO.  Absolutely not.
  2. Are the Manufacturer’s Auditors’ findings always final? NO. Absolutely not.
  3. We review all of the auditor’s findings documentation.
  4. We provide a consulting spreadsheet that confirms or denies whether the file supports a legitimate claim by the dealership and that the incentive should not be charged back
  5. We create draft response documents, including exhibits and attachments, to help you respond appropriately and efficiently to the chargeback documentation.
    • We have even worked with a dealer’s attorney to jointly prepare a presentation for appeal of erroneous chargebacks, providing the incentive knowledge and argument, while the attorney framed our argument in “legal speak”.
    • We make ourselves available for any additional follow up necessary to walk you through the review process with the Audit Supervisors and, if needed, the Dealer Policy Board.