…of EVERYTHING—especially from the manufacturer.

Just like you, I get more emails than I can justify spending time to read every day. I have become accustomed to reading a line or two, then deciding whether to instantly hit delete, or continuing to read through it. At this point, please, please continue reading—you will be glad you did.

In the fall of 2018, the manufacturer launched a special program where BJ’s Wholesale Club Members could be eligible for XPLAN Pricing. Awesome deal—right? Especially if you had a BJ’s near your dealership. The program officially ran from October 2, 2018 thru January 2, 2019. But, like almost every other program, the ending date wasn’t the first line and you guessed it, we saw (and still see) dealers who were giving XPLAN pricing after January 2nd. At some point, they’ll simply write off the commission that they set up.

The manufacturer just announced another SPECIAL deal just in time for Memorial Day—the Enhanced Military Appreciation Program, #37048. The Military Appreciation incentive is now being made available to all ACTIVE DUTY, ALL RETIREES, and ALL VETERANS—regardless of when they were discharged (any discharge reason other than dishonorable).

That’s the great news–$750 Military Bonus and 90 day deferred FMCC financing. The bad news? Dealers will spread that news and after July 8th, the program will revert to only being valid for Veterans within 2 years of separation. After the 8th, some dealerships will still set this incentive up, and end up eating the non-valid rebate because they didn’t read all the way through the program profile.

Read all of the program. Read all of the fine print. Read the time period. Not doing this is going to cost you money –the manufacturer is still going to get their sale, but you are going to get a hit to the bottom line when you write off this uncollectable rebate down the road.

Like you and like the manufacturer, we salute our American heroes–anyone and everyone who has served our country.  But unlike the manufacturer, we also care about you the dealer–and don’t want you to give away your hard earned gross because someone didn’t catch the fine print of a program profile.