Incentive & Rebate Recovery–DEALER CASH vs CUSTOMER CASH

Dewitt & Lane’s contingency fee-based C&I auditing service finds missed incentives.  There are several different options when it comes to identifying missed incentives.  Some dealers only want to recover Dealer Cash/ any incentives that should remain inside the dealership.  Other dealers find it beneficial to identify all missed incentives–even if it means that they will be returning monies to the End User (if the rebate wasn’t used in the deal).  The benefit that they gain from this is two-fold:  1)  It assists the front end in being more competitive by looking for and utilizing all incentives up front–if your sales desk is not working their deals with all possible incentives that are available, then they are missing deals and missing gross on the deals they do close.  2)  You can’t put a definitive value / price tag on customer good will, but overwhelmingly, the dealer feedback that we have received has proven that returning monies — an unexpected financial windfall–after the sale has created “customers for life”.  It is almost paramount to winning the lottery–and these customers love sharing that story with their friends, family, and coworkers.  AND, remember,  if we find nothing for you and your customers, you owe us nothing.     We offer several options:

  1. Standard Agreement (flat rate)
  2. Tiered Agreement (smaller rate on retail incentives)
  3. Dealer Cash only review